Great Life in Recovery Free Teleseminar May 16, 2012 at 3 pm ET, Noon PT “How to Sterilize a Room”

In May, join moderator Justin Phillips and her guest Melissa Killeen, in a discussion on “How to Sterilize a Room”.


As a recovery coach, Melissa Killeen is often called to clean or ‘sterilize’ a client’s residence, from addictive substances. To ‘sterilize’ a room means to search it thoroughly, find any drugs, alcohol, or other contraband, record it, and destroy it. This process is drawn from procedures used by law enforcement for searching crimes scenes.


Melissa will guide the listener from the  point of entry, through the methodical steps of searching a room, apartment or residence to discover contraband. What do you do with what you find? She will explain the legal requirements surrounding the destruction of the recovered contents.


Who:  Melissa Killeen

What:  How to Sterilize a Room

Date:  Wednesday – May 16, 2012

Time:  3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific

Phone:  1-760- 569-7676  Access Code: 135766#

Back up Phone Line:  1-712-775-7100 Access Code: 452450#

Melissa Killeen is a recovery coach, since 2006, with training in executive coaching. She owns MK Recovery Coaching and works with executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners that emerge from treatment and find themselves returning to the same life that  contributed to their addiction, in the first place. Melissa works with clients to rebuild their life in sobriety and to repair the effects the disease has had on their business and family. You can contact her at After the presentation, a copy of the presentation will appear on her blog, at


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