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Recovery coach, sober coach, addiction prevention specialist, peer recovery support practitioner, sober companion or personal recovery assistant, what ever the moniker, recovery coaching is about preventing relapse. A recovery coach provides a sense of safety to protect the client’s fragile new-found sobriety and to restore functionality to their life. The focus of recovery coaching is to keep the client sober. After a 30-90 day stay in a treatment center, some find it difficult to adjust to life outside of the safe environment of a treatment center. Returning home may not be returning to the most secure place.

Melissa Killeen defines Recovery Coaching and
explains how to find a Recovery Coach.

It maybe difficult to find a 12-step program, to engage a sponsor, to grasp the concept of a higher power, or to adapt to a ritual of eliminating the need for drugs, alcohol, gambling or compulsive sex in their lives. Some clients have to return to the workplace, fearing the environment that possibly triggered their addiction in the first place. So recovering clients need more focused attention and direction.

This is where recovery coaching comes in.

You can achieve the goals you’ve always dreamed possible, with confidential, convenient and effective ways to achieve sobriety, accelerate success, and give you the major competitive edge you need to recover and succeed. Browse through my website to learn more about recovery coaching and to decide if recovery coaching is for you.

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Recovery Coaching
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