Finding the Support Everyone will Need

Everybody needs to talk about “it”

 “It” is the family secret, the elephant in the room, the 800 pound gorilla, “it” is the disease, the addiction. With behavioral addictions, alcoholism, drug addiction and the many other outlying problems associated with addiction, you have gotten very good at hiding the fact that addiction has affected your life or your family’s life. Add to these ‘secrets’ the financial troubles, the work related stress, intimacy avoidence and your children’s issues that have been swept under the 800 pound gorilla to hide. There are many aspects of your life and your family’s life that have been impacted by the addiction.

How do you stay focused to solidly reinforce your recovery? Engaging a therapist that is certified addiction counselor is a necessity. Being a part of an addictions therapy group faciliated by a certified addiction counselor is another essential tool in maintaining your recovery. Going to 12 step meetings at least three times a week, is a must. A complete list of all of these 12 step programs are on the Links page of this web site. Recovery Coaching is the special ‘cog’ that holds the wheel together.

Your family members should consider joining mutual support groups ( 12 step programs for family members) such as Co-SLAA, RCA, Coda, AlaNon, AcoA, NarAnon or AlaTeen, which is a necessary and important tool. MK Recovery Coaching suggests experienced family recovery coaches to work with the families, on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Families can visit the internet for blogs specifically for families of addicts and recovering individuals such as :  http://www.recoveringyou.com,,, or Peeling the Onion at

As your recovery coach, Melissa will help you follow through on your personalized recovery plan, work with you daily, and answer your questions that help you decide what works best for you, your family and even how this all will ‘fit’ into your work environment.

With a recovery coach, sobriety is possible.


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