Who Needs a Recovery Coach? Who Wants Sobriety?


Melissa Killeen

The following is a reprint of a previous post of years past. Given that the holidays bring with them an increase in alcoholic drinking and the ravages of that addiction, it seems very appropriate.

Who Needs a Recovery Coach? Who Wants Sobriety?

Are you:

  • A high functioning alcoholic leaving treatment and frightened by returning to the outside world.
  • The established leader who needs assistance in balancing recovery, work and life.
  • An alcoholic facing their third DUI.
  • The highly competent business woman that refuses to go to an AA meeting because someone there may recognize her.
  • The high potential person that missed out on learning what it takes to become a great leader, because of the addiction.
  • The mother that has to balance work, family and a social life, that must include recovery but is finding it difficult to say “no.”
  • The sober person that has gone through incredible changes in your personal life, but still have not seen the changes in your work life?
  • Someone in transition, returning to work after a leave of absence or a stay in a treatment center and is encountering more adjustment pains than you expected.
  • An executive woman who wants to break the glass ceiling by learning the invisible rules of the game that do not include drinking.
  • A talented manager who is a candidate for leadership but continuously acted out because of experiencing friction with a boss or subordinate.
  • A social drinker/recreational drug user that just can’t seem to adjust to “work” on Monday morning, like they used to.
  • A technically proficient individual who is acting out on the computer during work.
  • A newly sober, yet inexperienced female manager whose development is paramount to organizational and personal success.
  • A parent who hid behind their addiction, resisting intimacy with their partner and their children.
  • The strategic thinker who wants to plot new initiatives for their life, to create a new business and now sober, doesn’t know how to achieve these goals.
  • An entrepreneur whose effectiveness is inextricably tied to your ability to lead and motivate your team, and as a sober person you are ready to face that challenge.

Or are you:

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

You can achieve the goals you’ve always dreamed possible, with confidential, convenient and effective ways to achieve sobriety, accelerate success, and giving you the major competitive edge you need to recover and succeed. Contact Melissa Killeen for a FREE one hour consultation and discover what recovery coaching can do for you.

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