When you see someone online who’s expressing suicidal thoughts. How can you help? You’re no expert in suicide prevention.
Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You *are* an expert on your friends. You know when something’s not right
  • Take them seriously. If you’re wrong, no big deal
  • If you’re right, you could save their life

  • Here’s how to get help for a friend on all the major social networking sites.
    Consider bookmarking this page so you have it handy in case you need it:

      A minority-owned company, Emotion Technology focuses on public health, suicide prevention, through social media use and analysis, and creating help-giving user experiences. With links on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and other social media sites, if anyone is reading about or viewing a video about potential suicide or self harm they click on links embedded in each social media site or click on this link (please bookmark this link). You might notice that these sites use language like “report” or “abuse,” which makes it sound like someone’s going to get in trouble if you reach out. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Behind every username is a real human being, and behind every social media network is a group of real people who care about you and your safety.

      By clicking on this link, local emergency services are contacted, suicide prevention agencies are linked to provide assistance and the message or video is brought to the attention of the media site. Behind the scenes Emotion Technology has put in place the complex technology to link all of these systems together. In addition, Emotion Technology motivated the social media sites to accept the responsibility to create links for their media users to access suicide prevention information, self injury awareness, education on positive mental health, steps to take against cyber-bullying, teen safety on line as well as parent and educator resources.

      Christopher Gandin Le is the chief executive officer of Austin Texas based Emotion Technology. Ever since graduating from Teachers College of Columbia University, Christopher has dedicated himself to harnessing the power of technology to save lives and educate people.

      Chris brings an activist’s sensibility to public health, specifically suicide prevention. During his tenure at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, he established protocol for online suicide prevention and partnerships with all of the major social networking websites. With a donation from producer James L. Brooks, Chris co-created the Lifeline Gallery, a powerful virtual space where suicide survivors, attempt survivors, and suicide prevention supporters share their stories.

      Chris recently wrote a white paper titled “Using New Media for Suicide Prevention” for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the first inquiry by the national government into online activity around suicide and suicide prevention. Christopher Gandin Le is working to make sure every single new media user has access to the life-saving tools they need.

      You can contact Emotion Technology at: or 512-961-7144

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