Aftercare is a Real Part of Addiction Treatment

Recovery Coaching needs to be a foundational piece to your returning home from a treatment center Recovery Coaching helps the addict and the family transition into this phase of sobriety. Aftercare is a real part of Addiction treatment. Here are just a few real statistics


1. 80% of the people completing addiction treatment will relapse on alcohol, drugs or other compulsive behavior in the 1st year.

2. The first 30-90 days following discharge is the window of greatest vulnerability for relapse after treatment, approximately 30% will slip at least once.

3. Between 25-35% of people who complete addiction treatment will be readmitted to treatment within one year, and 50% will be readmitted within five years.

4. Recovery is not fully stabilized (point at which risk of future lifetime relapse drops below 15%) until five years of sustained recovery.

5. Relapses following addiction treatment produce higher death rates from accidental poisoning, overdose, AIDS, suicide, homicide, cardiovascular and liver disease.


The good news is you can go home from the treatment center. The better news is you can maintain your sobriety where ever you live. Going through the transformation from a life of addiction into a life of sobriety is difficult. Your first consideration before leaving treatment should be who will you be talking to? Who will be calling you? Not just random calls, but structured calls and daily calls for a minimum of 14 days as you settle in. This is an integral part of your Recovery, and begins the process of developing your Recovery Plan. A Recovery Plan is your own “custom made recovery program” for the first 14 days out of treatment.
Once home, many individuals find themselves completely separated from everything they knew before treatment and separate from the safe environment of the treatment center. Your old friends and colleagues appear to look at you differently. The smells, sounds, and sensations have all changed from what you now know in sobriety.


Returning home from treatment, two things are highly apparent; in sobriety, you do not feel comfortable talking to people who are not in a program, and the people that you have known, when you were drinking, drugging or acting out, do not know the sober you. While you were in treatment you made dramatic changes to yourself. You have changed. You are not the same person. Old friends may have to stay away or put in the effort to get to know you all over again. Family members may have to be reminded; you are trying to make things, choices, and behaviors that are different now.

You have the skills to stay sober, but you may not have the experience. Working with a recovery coach will help you learn to master new sober skills and be able to create a new relationship with the people that love you. The people that love you need to learn to accept and understand the “new” you. There are also Family Recovery Coaches for them!
You have been given the gift of sobriety. Just like an Olympic athlete needs a coach to reach a level of mastery in their sport, or a high level executive needs a coach to be the next CEO of their company, you need a coach to achieve the life you want in sobriety. Out of the 20-35% of the people who successfully realize recovery after treatment, 2/3 thirds of them utilize recovery coaches. Join the group!

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